Wednesday, 27 April 2011


The Thing!
Do you need a thing?
This question has been haunting me for quite some time now and I am slowly deciding on an answer.
I believe the answer to be Yes! You do need a thing.
Well.......... okay, what is it?
To me, it is something that sets you as a Jewellery designer apart from the rest. So maybe you create your own components and incorporate them into your work. Maybe it becomes a signature line? You may even move away from beading all together and create pieces to sell for other to turn in to masterpieces. What ever it is most designers develop it at some stage or another.
So, Do I have it?
This, I am unsure off. I have been told my more than one person over the past four years that I have a very distinctive design style and I must say when I am out and about I can pick my pieces so I guess I do in that regards. But is it a thing?
Yes!!!!!!!! I believe it is ;')
However I am always searching and learning to create a bigger and better things.
Something that is uniquely mine, apart from design style.
Happy Creating