Thursday, 21 April 2011

Lampwork Beads

Lampwork Beads...... What can I say I absolutely LOVE THEM. It's only been a recent love affair starting with a friend who took me a bead show here in Melbourne and I meet some Lampworkers who had the most amazing beads and they were cheap, but definatley not nasty ;')

Then I noticed a fellow designer across the water in Alaska, her name is JO CONWAY designing almost everything with Lampwork. I was hooked.....Here designs have and always will blow me away, her FB link is below.
Jo has recently embarked on the journey of making her own Lampwork beads and let me say she is a quick learner and making some great beads already. If and when they are for sale... who knows? We can only hope she sells them ;').

I have lampworking on my list of things to learn. I have done Polymer clay and Silversmithing this year, both of which I use in my work and am honing my skills on the them regularly.

I tend to use a Lampwork beads in earrings the most, reason being its adds interest and I find earrings so difficult to design.
I was thinking about that other day and I would honestly have to say earrings are the most challenging as the size that sells tends to be small and that leaves a minimal range of designs. In saying that, though I must be on the right track most of the time as Earrings would be my number one sellers, followed by Necklaces, Rings and then Bracelets.

When it comes to buying Lampwork, I do like a bargain and can spend hours scouring Etsy( my second home) for bargains. Here are some of my favourite Lampworks online through Etsy.

These people I have bought from and regularly they are all o/s but there are some awesome Aussie ones too.

So if you have an oppurtunity to have a look at these talented people, I am sure you won't be dissappointed, let them know Teena sent you ;')

Happy creating