Tuesday, 9 October 2012


After a few hours sleep in our cabins we woke very early on the Saturday, 6.15am in fact. Showered and ready to go off to breakfast. Whilst waiting for the girls I sit on the steps writing this on my Iphone soaking up the morning fresh air and quiet surroundings. It really is a beautiful place.

Breakfast over, we all toddle off to our first real classes for the day.
Mine was earthenware Clay with Natalie from Peruzi. http://www.peruzi.net/
 A class in which where learn the basic's of making cabochons, pendants and beads.

The beginnings of the creations
End result after 3 hours of creation

The class goes for 3 hours which simply flew by and we created so much and of course meet a couple of more wonderful people, with whom I had not yet had the pleasure. The lovely Yvonne Ireland & Tracy Stillman. Both ladies are very talented designers. You can see Tracy's work at http://www.facebook.com/TracyStillmanDesigns as well as purchase her work through http://www.etsy.com/shop/TracyStillmanDesigns?ref=seller_info

Some photo's of the ladies all hard at work creating master pieces

Tracy & Mandy
Sharon, myself & Tania
Yvonne & Carina
Natalie is a fabulous teacher and made the class such a delight, we all could have stayed and continued creating till the cows came home but alas it was over all too soon and time for a break and clean up before we head off to lunch and into our Afternoon class.


My afternoon class was one I had been very excited about doing as my instructor was non other than the now world published and seed bead extraordinaire Melissa Ingram. I have always admire Melissa's work and talent ever since being published alongside her in one of Australia's leading beading magazines "Australian Beading". This is where I first became aware of her amazing talent.
shop online with Melissa for tutorials & supplies

Today we were being taught Soutache an old technique that has made a resurgence thanks to people such as Melissa.
Melissa modelling our desired outcome for the class
After another 3 hour session most of my Soutache pendant had been completed. Lucky for me that I had not booked a class in the late afternoon two hour slot before dinner and was able to sit in on the next Soutache class and finish up.

My finished Soutache pendant.
Well at this point I was quite exhausted but on cloud nine, so much to take in. I was really looking forward to dinner and a drink or two......Along with my newest friends and to hear about their creations and adventures for the day.


Dinner over and it was time to get into the last class for the evening a nice relaxing class called Kumihimo braiding, run by the very vivacious and fun loving Maria Sfirse.
Maria was very generous with her supplies and time.
The class was a nice quick one and so relaxing, loved the result and such quick gratification. I made one long braided piece and divided it into three bracelets for my girls.

The evening had come to an end. Time to head back to our rooms and have a little fun and get to know more about some of my fellow creative spirits. Kat Gray, Tania Black, Lyndsay Abreu and Mandy Williamson

The Beading Retreat: Day 1

The day starts with double checking everything is packed!
Waiting for my traveling companion Sharon Harper of Purple Tiger creations
Sharon arrives and we are off to the airport. 
Arrive safely & dropped of by my hubby we go through check in and soon to be boarding the plane.
I must admit I am a not a great flyer, so I was a little nervous. Sharon was fabulous as was Karen Cooke our other travelling companion. During the flight Sharon kindly came to check up on me. I flew very well and enjoyed myself to the point where I was taking photos out the window of the plane.

We are meet by a glorious group of woman at the Airport with their cars ready to take all of us that have flown in from Vic & NSW to the Retreat. Now this for many of us is the first time we are meeting each other either IRL or ever.

The chauffeurs where the lovely Natalie, Sue & Debi.
Time for a group shot before we pile into cars and make our way to the retreat.

Arriving at the retreat... Hmmm looks a lot like camp LOL. Unload the cars & time to get settled in our cabins. After many changes of who is sleeping where I have the pleasure of rooming with Lyndsey, Sharon & Tania B.

Lyndsay is a proffcient seed beader who runs http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lyndsays/51813973700?fref=ts and sells her beautiful crafted items through her Etsy store http://www.etsy.com/shop/LynnAbreu.

Tania Black is a well established lampwork artist with her gorgeous items available to purchase through her store http://www.taniablack.com/
After we are all settled the evening holds dinner and a wonderful market night where we can all happily part with our cash. As well as showing off our challenge pieces, based around an image.

Teena's challenge piece using the colours from the  image

A group shot of challenge pieces
Second half of group shot

The market night consists of  tutors and students alike who either own a beading stores or make handcrafted components to sell to beaders.
Present on the evening with their wares were.

Mandy Williamson  of Mimi's Beading

Natalie Fletcher Jones of Peruzi

This is myself with Mandy getting to know one another

Maria & Carina of The Bead Room

I bought up big with Nat, ooohhh how could I resist.

A chance to meet the lovely ladies of The Bead Room.

Admiring the styling of Tania's lampwork skills

This is the work of Melissa an amazing artist to say the least, an opportunity to see close up her recently published and award winning designs

Melissa Ingrim of
A thoroughly enjoyable first day meeting/greeting/buying and then a some drinks at the end to wind down.
Its off to bed as we are up early tomorrow to get a start on the day.