Friday, 22 April 2011


1. The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, esp. to do something creative: "flashes of inspiration".
Inspiration comes in many forms for me. The number one form is other people. People with whom I interact with either face to face or through social media. I adore the feedback, the comments and the suggestions. This positive energy inspires me to create more. To create things that are bigger(not literally) and better, to  show and have that WOW factor. I live for the reaction from others, I guess its my driving force, its what inpsires me to keep creating.
I have flashes of inspiration other ways also,such as the piece to the left. I had been out shopping with my husband and four kids (uh huh I have 4 kids). We stopped at a park after shopping for the kids to play. Whilst sitting in the car with my baby at the time watching the other kids play, it simply came to me from nowhere to create a chainmaille centre piece( a czech bead encased in chainmaille). Now I am not saying this hasn't been done before, as I am sure it has, but I hadn't done it. The challenge for me at the time was to develop kits that taught people something significant. To me that really should be the piont of a kit........ Anyway I couldn't wait to get home and get started, I had been inspired!. By what?, who knows. Maybe the joy of watching my kids play and laugh had relaxed my mind enough to allow it to think outside the square.

I am also inspired regularly by other designers, the way they put colours together or the complexity of a design they exhibit may inspire me to strive harder.

New beads can inspire me also. Sometimes when I am stuck. I go shopping looking for the unusual and the quirky to get the juices flowing. Nothing I love better than when those beads arrive.

Then there is a friend whom I spend sometime with on the odd occassion who is a VERY creative person on so many levels. I find that whenever I am with her, things she says or pionts out often sends me into a whirlwind of inspiration. She comes into my workspace with fresh eyes and makes comments or asks questions which make me really think.
         I guess you could say she is my Muse;')..........