Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Here are some examples of work I did for an online bead store, these were published in Creative Beading Magazine. I did loads more plus a stack for Australian Beading Magazine over a period of 18 months. The opportunity to design and create kits  to be published in the beading Mags was amazing. It taught me to think out side the square and challenged me at every turn. Although I no longer design for this store I still try to use these lessons learnt in my designs today, in order to keep things fresh and interesting. I feel its important to continue to develop and evolve and push yourself even if its right out of your comfort zone.
The picture directly above was way out of my comfort zone and started my love of "STEAMPUNK".

The pink one to the right was based on a design I used and entered into a Vintaj Brass design comp, which won ;') (lucky me). The out of the box moment here was the use of the bead caps, to create a fantastic back drop for the vibrant lucite flowers. I recently incorporated this technique is a Steampunk necklace with fabulous results, the watch face being the centre of the flower;').
This one here was based on an earring I did using a layering technique. As bib style necklaces are always in, in some form or another it was a unique take on the style. The effect is outstanding. Trinity Brass's Antique silver range is divine. I adore the deep vintage colouring. I never been one for the full shiny silver look, a bit here and there is nice. The Antique silver certainly lets the colour of the bead shine true.