Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The Humble Jumpring

It has been some time since I have created an entry for the Blog. Reason being that I did not want to write just anything, it had to be relevant and of some use to you all. I finally decided on a topic, that being the JUMP RING ;')
One of the most versatile and undervalued component in jewellery making!
I always have a huge stock pile of jump rings available to me in all sizes as you never know when one will be the right answer to a problem.

I use them to attach chain to my pieces and also to end chain and attach a clasp, I feel it gives a much more finished feel.

Used here to cover crimp bead
I also use them to hide crimps at the base of a horseshoe protector, not only does it add interest it covers the scratchy crimp and wears better( I find) than crimp cover balls.

Connecting two beaded sections together

I also love to use them to connect two beaded sections together in necklaces & bracelets, I have found it adds strength to the piece but also allows the piece to move better and prevents it from becoming all kinked up. Another favourite way is two cross to jump rings over into one another this again adds strength. They can also add length in a piece where you need just a fraction to get the size right.

Large Etched jump rings make a feature of these earrings

There are many decorative jump rings available also, they make great focal pionts in a piece such as earrings.

Used in this piece to form a Spiral chainmaille detail
My favourtie way to use them is to create simple chainmaille sections in any piece I feel needs it, I find normal jump rings from my suppliers work well in chainmaille styles such as spiral weave and byazante weave.

Creating simple chainmaille sections in a piece replaces the need for chain and can also add depth and character to your item.