Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Photographing Jewellery! This has been on my mind to share for a while, these are my experiences on the best way to photograph Jewellery. I am by no means a photographer nor am I am saying this is the correct way. I do find this works for me & sharing what I have learnt may help others.

STEP 1: Use a plain white base ( I use a ceramic serving plate) or alternatively I have since discovered taking photo's outside in natural light against a gray background such as an old fence paling works even better.

STEP 2: Use a prop to position on or near the item ( I use flat garden stones)
I have seen people use fresh flowers and clear crystal bowls

STEP 3: Use natural light, a bright clear sunny day, position the items with the sun coming from behind you. 

STEP 4: Use the Macro setting on your Camera this picks up fine detail & ensure the non shake setting is on( I don't know the tech term for that one)

STEP 5: Position your piece to show the best aspects of the piece with no shadows being cast across the item,as above.

NOTE: Avoid early morning sun & late afternoon sun as I have discovered it emits a very yellowish hue over the entire photo: see example