Monday, 6 June 2011


A Long time ago in the world of Facebook I kept seeing this name appear in my Home News feed from other Facebook Friends"Peruzi", well naturally curiosity got the better of me and I had to check it out.
I became a fan but still didn't make any moves to purchase something, until one day a FB friend who lives way across the other side of the world posted a necklace she had made with a "Peruzi" piece. My eyes were opened *'* BIG AND WIDE.

"Wow" I thought I must look into this and see what I can do with this person's product. I made my first purchase through her little shop on a sweet bird Pendant.
 The necklace sold very fast and the response was incrediable."That's it" I though to myself I must buy more & now. From there an obession had started. I have bought several pieces and turned them into so many different little works of art, taking care to ensure each piece is as different as possible to the last. I find they tend to sell themselves as they exude such personality and are so delightful to work with. Made with so much care and love.
So here I am today sharing with you all my love of "Peruzi". I asked the creator of "Peruzi" Natalie Fletcher - Jones to share with us some  details about her fast growing business.                                    
Natalie is from the U.K.originally where she attended an Art school, however before finishing her degree she moved to Australia with her other half settling in South Burnett in QLD, where she comfortably lives with her chooks, cats and goats. Natalie has been a hobby Potter now for around 15 years, with the past four being dedicated to creating her own unique line of Pendants, Cabochons and Bead sets. 

 The name " PERUZI" Natalie says " Is totally invented. I wanted some thing that sounded kinda sophisticated/classy (in my mind anyway) and some thing European sounding (me being a european and all!) and I also really like play on words thingies, so it kinda worked in a 'to peruse' kinda way!"
Every piece of work that comes out of Natalie's studio is custom made all done by hand using a variety of clay types and fired using a variety of glazing techiniques. Natalie states" She LOVES what she does and adores breaking the rules & experimenting with things that are not supposed to go together". Natalies loves the effects of colour & texture with a mix of contempary & vintage. This I feel has become "Peruzi's" distinctive signature. Natalie has recently been creating an exiciting line of Pendants & Cabochons using real vintage decals, these have been an amazing addition to her already extensive line of product.
 Natalie also says that"Most of her sales and clients have come through her website but with the popularity of Facebook she now has quite few sales through her page". Natalie also supplies her goods to three or four different Galleries and Bead stores within Australia and is always looking for interested parties to stock her goods.

Natalie recently enjoyed the lime light of a feature article on her in Australia's top Beading Magazine Australian Beading, Vol 5 No 2 pages 21 & 22
If you would love to purchase a "Peruzi" original you can contact Natalie via her Facebook page or via her webpage