Sunday, 13 July 2014


DAY 1: Wednesday 09.07.14

Up early to finish getting organised to leave for the retreat. Lucky for me, no flying this year as it's based an hour from my home, down in Mount Eliza. A lovely easy drive straight down the Eastlink.


Taking a moment to squeeze in a workout to calm the nerves & excitement of actually teaching this time round......
Also using this time to visualize in my mind all that I need to take, towels, pillows, hair dryer, chargers..... The list is endless.
However I did manage to become organised & ready to go two hours early. (I did discover once I arrived & unpacked I forgot my supply sheet for class) Oh well...At least I can email this to all students.

After some time filling activities I still managed to arrive before the 2pm check-in. So I chilled out in the car waiting patiently for other retreaters to arrive. The weather was slightly unfavourable but being winter I was prepared. The rain & cold however did not dampen the tranquillity & beauty of the selected venue.


The first person after myself to arrive was Karen Cooke. Karen had the list showing the bunking arrangements, so her & I registered the Retreats arrival & got to sorting out the cabins.
Slowly people began to trickle in & the buzz of the retreat had begun.
Once I was settled in my cabin I was off to help Sharon H with workshop area set up,  a lovely large conference area with kitchen/ stage & bathroom facilities. After the initial base setting up was done it was time to meet my roomies & take some time to wander & chat & put some faces to names.




Late afternoon had come around & it was time to set up for the mini market. This was to take place after dinner.Where those who create & sell  kits, lamp work,ceramics & supplies all had the opportunity to sell their wares. Pictured above are Natalie from Peruzi as well as Angie who runs Chicky Babe Beads To the right is a snap of both Mary-Anne & Ali Kelly who are both lamp workers.
After Mini-Market set up, with a majority of us all having arrived, it was time for our organisers Alida & Nikki to give us all a big warm welcome. This included a lovely welcoming speech from one of the YMCA camp organizers.
With the formalities out of the way it was time for dinner, I had certainly worked up an appetite during setting up time :-). With dinner complete some where heading off to get the Mini Market under way. Whilst others headed up to the area for those who wanted to sit & create. 
With no real plans at this point I happened to wander into the area where the Resin class was above to take place. As luck would have it I was able to partake. Our teacher for this class was Sue Connors from



A fabulous class with what looks to be great results. De-Moulding happens around 24-48 hours after we pour & then it's a butt load of finishing. 
With Resin class finishing around 9ish, I decided to head up to the big conference room for a bit more of a chit chat & see all the designs out for the challenge.
Each retreat has a theme & this one was "Flower Power"




Some absolutely magnificent work . With such a lot of wonderful ideas & creativity.

Phewwww what a day!!! Time for I thought LOL...... My cabin mates and I were up chatting & getting to know each other better till the wee hours. The sheer excitement of being here at the retreat was too great.
Looking forward to tomorrow.

The next retreat takes place in January in Canberra
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